Movie Review : The Martian

Akhirnya nonton juga setelah menemani istri yang tidak bisa keluar rumah semenjak lahiran si kecil. Nanti kapan-kapan cerita soal si kecil ahh.


The Martian

Sinopsis : berkisah tentang seorang astronot bernama Mark Watney (Matt Damon) yang berjuang bertahan hidup di Mars seorang diri. Mark ditinggalkan oleh timnya setelah dianggap tewas pasca diterjang badai di planet tersebut. Dengan perlengkapan seadanya, Mark harus mencoba mengirim signal ke Bumi untuk memberitahukan dirinya masih hidup.

Sementara di Bumi, mantan tim Mark berusaha merencanakan misi penyelamatan dan melakukan segala cara agar dapat membawa kembali Mark ke Bumi.


Karna yang main Matt Damon dan ini tentang perjalanan keluar angkasa makanya gua mau nonton (boring dibumi mulu hahahah). Kan katanya bagus. Emang bagus buat gua sih 😀

Akting Matt Damon selalu berkesan meski disini sebenernya kaga ada explore akting yang berat berat banget macam jadi penjahat atau psikopat atau bahkan jadi jagoan. Semuanya berjalan terlihat make sense saat nonton ini, ga ada yang berlebihan selain pertanyaan besar itu sendiri (bagaiaman bisa bertahan di planet mars). Karena si Mark Watney ini adalah seorang botanist dan kayaknya lebih dari seorang botanist. Soalnya dia jago banget solve problemnya ketika di Mars. Gua ngebayangin kalo gua yang terdampar mana kepikiran cara-cara seperti dia. Yang ajaib cuma satu :  si Mark Watney bisa tanam tumbuhan diplanet Mars untuk kelangsungan hidupnya. Dan menciptakan air/embun untuk kebutuhan tumbuhannya. Gua kalo disuruh mengulang atau menebak kira-kira apa aja yang si Mark Watney lakuin untuk dia bisa hidup kaga tahu sama sekali dan banyak istilah-istilah ilmiah juga.

Sampe akhir aksi penyelamatannya pun berjalan lancar. Mengingatkan kita bahwa diluar bumi. Kita -manusia- kecil banget dialam semesta ini. Pasti semua orang terharu untuk bagian ini, bagian dimana semua yang dibumi berusaha untuk menyelamatkan satu mahluk manusia.

Cuma gua nungguin kok ga ada keluarga si Mark Watney di film ini. Mungkin memang si pembuat film mau penonton dibuat fokus sama aksi si Mark sendiri kali yah. Well gua suka film ini adalah karena ini pengalaman gak semua orang bisa miliki. Dan untungnya ini based on novel ya bukan true story. CMIIW.

Score dari gua : 1 sampe 5 gua kasih angka 4 😀

Sekian dan selamat nonton.

PS. Film yang paling gua tunggu adalah Superman vs Batman hehehehe


22 brilliant pieces of advice from China’s most successful businessman. Jack Ma


Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba Group, the most successful online company in Asia. He’s the first Chinese businessman to appear on the cover of Forbes magazine. He came from humble origins and worked in many different professions, and therefore has had his fair share of ups and downs, successes and failures. But he never gave up.

We thought we’d share some of Ma’s best pieces of advice — not just for those who want to be successful in the professional lives, but in life in general.

On developing ideas

• ​If 90% of those present at a business meeting vote in favour of one or other suggestion, I’ll always throw it out. The reason for this is simple: If everyone present can see the opportunity here, then the chances are lots of different companies are already working on the same idea, and we won’t be able to lead the way in it.

On what not to do

• In 2001, I made a mistake. I told my employees who had founded the company with me that the limit of their career growth was the managerial level. I thought that I needed to have professionals on my side. Year later, and none of those professionals work for us, whereas those whom I doubted had the potential to go far are now my vice-presidents.

• The worst qualities an entrepreneur can have are: snobbishness, an inability to understand the situation properly, adopt a high tempo of work without having the ability to sustain it in the long-term, and not possessing the ability to see what’s going to happen next.

• One principle guides me: your attitude towards work and the decisions which you take are more important than your abilities.

On complaints

• Nothing terrible will happen if you occasionally allow yourself to complain.

• Falling into depression and constantly complaining about the state of your life is no less destructive than alcoholism. It’s the same dangerous situation: the more you do it, the worse it gets. Successful people don’t have these kind of problems.

Advice for youth

• What does real failure mean? It means when you give fighting for what you want.

• What does adaptability mean? You’ll understand when you experience failure and disappointment.

• What are you obliged to do? You’re obliged to work as hard as you can and be more ambitious than others.

• Only fools talk out of their mouths. Intelligent people speak to themselves only in their head; wise people only in their hearts.

On living life to the full

• Sooner or later, you’ll regret it if you spend all of your time at work.

• I’m always reminding myself that none of us were born in order to work, but instead to enjoy life. We’re here to help make other people’s lives better, and not spend all our time working.

On competition and competitors

• Competition is like a game of chess. If you lose once, you’ll always have another chance to win. And you don’t have to fight about it when you lose the current round.

• If your competitor is weaker than you, you should still seem him as an equal. This works the other way, of course: even if you’re opponent is stronger than you, don’t be afraid of him.

• A real entrepreneur has no enemies. When you understand this, no one can stop you.​

Advice to entrepreneurs

• Clients are number one. Employees are number two. Shareholders come after both of these categories in importance.

• Instead of looking for quick solutions and ready-made schemes, concentrate on establishing stability and promising long-term plans.

• Today might be tough, tomorrow might be worse. But the day after will be wonderful.

On setting up your own business

• When you start your own business, this means you’re giving up a stable income, as well as annual bonuses.

• On the other hand, your income will be unrestricted, you’ll make use of your time much more effectively, and you won’t have to ask anyone else for permission to do something.

• When searching for a partner, you should always look for someone who adds to your abilities and knowledge. You don’t need someone who’s already been successful at anything in particular.

• Do your best to make sure your employees come to work every day with smiles on their faces.